Because it is known that in Vegas is easy divorce , many want to know what the requirements for a divorce in Vegas, how much it costs , how long it takes , and how it's done , so here answer all these concerns are .
Las Vegas is known as a place where you can get a quick divorce without legal entrapment , because for this reason here we will show you how you can easily divorce in Las Vegas .

First note that there are two ways to obtain a divorce by mutual consent one is in Las Vegas and throughout Nevada, and the other is without the agreement of the parties , so here we see first as divorce in Vegas if is that the other spouse disagrees .
If you want a divorce in Vegas, but your spouse does not agree , then you have to fill at least one of the following legal requirements or grounds for divorce :
1 - . Mental deterioration , madness, for a period of two years before they apply for a divorce.
. 2 - What, the spouses are separated without cohabitation for a period of one year before filing for divorce .
3 - . Irreconcilable differences , this is the most recommended way to get a divorce in Vegas causal , since you only have to indicate that there is no compatibility between spouses.

Once you are within these three grounds for divorce in Las Vegas, to submit his request for divorce in Vegas, will now have to meet the requirement of territorial jurisdiction , which is as follows:
that at least one spouse has resided in this state of Nevada, for at least six weeks prior to the day of the divorce filed .
To meet this requirement , you will have to file an affidavit by a resident of Nevada, who has more than 18 years and has resided in Nevada for at least more than six weeks prior to the filing of the application, can be used as witness for this object to any family member, coworker, room , among others.
Note that this requirement is not difficult to accomplish , which makes it attractive to Las Vegas to get a divorce , because with only reside more than six weeks you here in Vegas , and you can file your divorce .
Now let's see how much divorce in las vegas , the need to pay for a divorce , and how much they can charge divorce lawyers in las vegas :
First we have in Las Vegas , Nevada, you have to pay a fee for submission to the courts of $ 289.
Additional to this the expenses for professional fees for attorney can amount to $ 550.
However, it is not mandatory that you have a lawyer for divorce in las vegas .
Another cost to be added to the total cost of divorce in Las Vegas , Nevada, is the notification service to put to it demand your spouse , which costs at least $ 75 , if you do not know what is the exact home address of your spouse , then you will pay a due diligence search of $ 85 , plus the publication of at least a hundred dollars.

Now while we can delay their divorce in las vegas, we have here is a divorce can take about six to twelve weeks on average.

As stated earlier , there are two ways to divorce in las vegas , one is no agreement and the other is to agree , so far we have seen divorce without agreement , then we will see the divorce agreement both spouses :
Now let the uncontested divorce in Las Vegas.
One of the fundamental requirements for fast or consensual divorce in Las Vegas , is that both spouses give their consent.
Interestingly, this type of divorce in Las Vegas, is totally quick but takes 1 to three days, counting from the day the documents were presented to the Court .
As for the cost of this type of divorce , you also have to pay a filing fee of $ 289 court , plus attorneys' fees that can amount to about $ 350.

Where process your divorce in Las Vegas, then we address :

Centro Regional de Justicia
200 Lewis Avenue
Las Vegas, NV 89155
Family Courts and Services Center
Formularios para presentar en las cortes, para divorcio de mutuo acuerdo, en caso de no haber hijos:
Modelo para solicitar divorcio en Las Vegas
Aquí en caso de haber hijos menores:
Modelo para solicitar divorcio en Las Vegas
Demanda a presentar en caso de no haber hijos menores:
Modelo para solicitar divorcio en Las Vegas
Demanda a presentar en caso de haber hijos menores de edad:
Modelo para solicitar divorcio en Las Vegas
Aquí el flujo del procedimiento de divorcio:
Flujo del divorcio en Las Vegas

A continuación puede hacer todas sus preguntas sobre el divorcio en Las Vegas, que gustoso le responderé.

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