It agrees or not to pay for the Apple Care for the iPhone X.

Surely if you bought an iPhone X, you have given the unpleasant surprise that the insurance that Apple offers for this iPhone will cost you nothing less than about 199 US dollars, because that is the Apple Care + will have that price.
Now depending on where you are you have a deadline to decide whether to buy or not this insurance for your new iPhone X, since it is usually about 60 days in the United States, being the term longer in other laws.
So here we wanted to give you some clues so you can see if it suits you or not to pay for Apple Care for your new iPhone X.
First of all we must differentiate that Apple offers two types of Apple Care plans, it is Apple Care + and Apple Care, the one that bears the "+" sign protects you against accidents, if there are two events, these two events have been completed the coverage is terminated.
Second, both plans protect you against factory damage for two years, and this is where you find the detail that you should pay close attention to.
Why are you wondering, because even if you do not buy this Apple Care + insurance, you still have free coverage for factory damage for one year in the United States, and two years in Spain and other countries that have this same legislation.
So as you may have already warned, they are selling something that is already yours, that is, repairs for factory damage.
So the only thing that you would be selling that you do not have is coverage for manufacturing defects for the following year, always in your country where the law only protects you for one year, if it is Apple Care, and one year of coverage for manufacturing defects plus accident coverage in only two events, if it is Apple Care +.
But there is not everything left, in case you want to apply the coverage by accident you will have to pay a deductible of thirty dollars if it is the breakage of the screen and $ 99 if it is other damages, which makes this insurance even more expensive.
Paying in total if your iPhone X suffers an accident first $ 199, plus the deductible of $ 99, roughly reaching almost three hundred dollars.

Now is it reasonable to pay almost three hundred dollars to protect a product that costs a thousand dollars? Well I doubt so, since we are talking about thirty percent of the good, because nobody would pay ten thousand dollars for the insurance of his car that has cost thirty thousand dollars, we believe that it has gone the hand to Apple to set this price .

To bear in mind, many legislations of the world are putting the focus on this type of insurance, because if the consumer is not

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