IPhone X how to extend the warranty and insure against free accidents with Visa without Apple Care

If you are thinking about securing your iPhone X, but you do not think that it is just what Apple Care charges, since its cost is 199 dollars.
Here we tell you how you can secure it for free with VISA, which will save you a little money.
Almost all of us buy our electronic devices by credit card, if that is your case then you may already have such benefit.
Most VISA credit cards have two benefits that protect your iPhone.
One of them is the extended warranty, this consists of extending your warranty for up to an additional year, so if you give the IPhone a year warranty by the manufacturer, thanks to this you would already have two years of coverage in case of defects in your iPhone
The other coverage that most of the VISA cards bring is the purchase insurance, which consists in that if your iPhone suffers an accident or is stolen, this insurance covers the loss, the term of coverage is only 45 days from the buy, it's not much but since it's free it does not hurt.

Generally the visa cards that bring these covers are the platinum, signature, among others, you should check on the page of your bank.
In case your card is of another brand, it is not enough to verify with which coverages account, since most people lose these benefits because they do not know them.

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