Now let's see what are the requirements for a divorce in New York, how much it costs, how is the process, when it takes, and how it is done.
First of all, we must note that in New York, there are two types of divorce: divorce by mutual agreement and divorce with or without an agreement.
Where you can make the divorces in NY, then say that only divorces are made in the Supreme Court of New York, so you will have to go to the supreme court in your county or the county where your spouse lives.

What are the legal requirements for a divorce in New York, as we will say that the requirements are the following:
One of the first requirements to start a divorce in NY, is the residence, this must be uninterrupted, for a period of one year, that is, either of the spouses must have lived in NY, more than a year before filing the divorce petition .
Another requirement in NY, for divorce, is to have valid reasons or grounds for divorce, and at this point we will say that the valid reasons are the following:
The adultery
Unjustified abandonment for a continuous period of more than one year.

The cruel treatment.
The irreconcilable differences for a period greater than six months.
Be separated legally or agreed for a period greater than one year.

Three consecutive years of imprisonment, if your spouse was imprisoned for more than three consecutive years, then you have a basis for a divorce in NY.
Also keep in mind that you must submit a sworn statement of your assets, statement of net worth.
* NY Dom Rel Law §170 (7)
** NY Dom Rel Law §170 (1) - (4)
*** NY Dom Rel Law §170 (5), (6)

It is not a requirement to have a lawyer to start a divorce in New York, but due to the complexity of the issue it can be very useful to have a divorce lawyer on hand.

What is the procedure for a divorce in New York, the procedure for a disputed divorce or agreement, are similar at the beginning.
• In both you will have to fill out the divorce petition and someone has to give copies of the papers to your spouse.
• In case your spouse does not agree with what was said in the divorce documents that you sent him, he will have the opportunity to fill out his own petition and thus have the opportunity to present the papers from his point of view. This is what is referred to as a "contested divorce." Instead, if you agree with everything mentioned in the divorce application, then you should sign the papers and send them back to you.
How much does a divorce process cost in NY, since in terms of divorce costs in New York, we will say that it has a minimum cost of $ 335 to register your non-disputed divorce case. When the case starts you must pay a fee of $ 210. When you pay this fee, they will give you a number, called index number or index number.
Then, when your case reaches the judge to make a final decision, either you or your spouse must pay another $ 125 fee. If your divorce is disputed, you will have to pay additional fees.

How long is a divorce in New York, we say that if the divorce is not disputed, ie your spouse agrees, the time it takes at least is about six months, in the event that the divorce is disputed, ie there is no agreement with your spouse, the duration lasts, up to several years, keep in mind that the time that the divorce lasts depends a lot on how many cases the NY court has.
If you still have some questions left unanswered, do not hesitate to ask the following divorce lawyers, divorce lawyers, who will gladly answer you.

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