What are the Pennsylvania Marriage License Requirements ?:

There is no doubt that marriage is an event that produces much joy between the bride and groom.
For this to be legal in Pennsylvania, it must meet certain requirements for its celebration, which we will tell you here:
What are the requirements for marriage in Pennsylvania.
1.- age.

The first requirement to get married in Pennsylvania is the age requirement.
The age must be greater than 18 years.
In case of less than 18 years but more than 16 they must be accompanied by their parents.
In the case of less than 16 years they have to have authorization from the court
2.- marriage license
You have to obtain a marriage license.
3.- wait 3 days.
You have to wait three days from the time you submit your application for a marriage license in Pennsylvania.
4.- Someone authorized who can celebrate the marriage.
You have to find someone who is authorized in the state of Pennsylvania, to be able to celebrate the ceremony.
What are the Pennsylvania Marriage License Requirements ?:
1.- Online Application At Marriage Licensing Office From County Register of Wills

2.- Documentation:
3.- Affirmation of not having a communicable disease.
4.- Payment:
How much does a Pennsylvania marriage license cost?
It varies depending on the county of Pennsylvania, but it can cost anywhere from $ 50.00 - $ 90 .00.
In Pennsylvania it doesn't matter where you get your marriage license.
The marriage license is valid throughout the state of Pennsylvania.
Payment must be by Money Order or certified check made out to the Register of Wills.

What is the Pennsylvania Marriage License Process like?

1.- You must Print the application and Send it by Mail to the Register of Wills:
2.- Then The registry sends you the request by email.

3.- A video conference is scheduled. Both applicants must be on the video call at the same time
4.- The bride and groom must have the application in front of them to read, verify and sign.

5.-. Once signed, the application with the original signatures can be sent to the office by email or regular mail.
6.-. The approved license will be mailed to you.

7.- Once the marriage is celebrated, the part that the celebrant filled will have to be sent to the will office.


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