Divorce in Miami, Florida, how much does it cost? attorney prices and costs and court trial time

You are thinking of starting a divorce in Miami, Florida; and You want to know how much a divorce costs here.

In addition, you want to know the costs and expenses of lawyers and the court, and the time that a divorce usually takes.
Therefore, here I tell you what I discovered walking through the courts of Miami
A divorce in Florida costs $ 409. Only in Miami court costs.
This cost is when you do not use an attorney in court, and you will only defend yourself, because both spouses agree to the divorce.

Now when you hire a lawyer, the divorce costs are higher.
How much does a lawyer charge for a divorce in Miami, Florida?
The price of what it costs to hire an attorney for a divorce in Miami varies.
However, today I will tell you what I found out about what some lawyers charge for a divorce here.

• Attorney costs for a divorce in Miami are priced by the hour.
• Settled divorces cost less than no-deal divorces.
• When there are children in the marriage, the cost of attorney's fees is higher than when there are none.
Now that you know this, I will start with the prices.
• $ 500 for a divorce in Miami without children and with agreement.

• $ 795 for a divorce in Miami with children and with agreement.

• $ 2,500.00 and $ 5,000.00, for a divorce in Miami with agreement, but a bit complicated due to the size of the marital estate. For example.

• 5,000.00 and $ 20,000.00. For a no-deal contested divorce without much hassle.
• $ 50,000.00. moreover, for a divorce disputed in court without agreement and very complicated.

What expenses are there in a divorce in Miami?
• Subpoena expenses of the other party
• Attorney's expenses to meet with the opposing attorney.
• Expert witness fees
• Fees of the court reporter

How long can a divorce take in Miami, Florida?
• 30 days, if there is agreement.

• From three to six months, If the divorce is finalized by a mediation process.
• From one to two years. If you fight until the end of the divorce trial.

What can I do to reduce the cost of a divorce in Miami?
My advice as a lawyer is that to reduce expenses, you must reach an agreement with the other party.


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