Free divorce in Miami Florida, requirements and how to do it

You are thinking of starting a divorce in Miami, but you have no money. You want to know if you can start a free divorce, what are the requirements for a free divorce in Miami.

Here I tell you how you can get a divorce in Miami for free without money, what are the requirements for a free divorce in this area of ​​Florida.

First of all, I want to tell you that here in Miami it is possible to start a divorce completely free. You do not have to pay attorney fees, since it is not mandatory that you have one. Regarding court expenses, it is possible to request that they be exonerated.

So here I will tell you how to do it.

Where can you request an exemption from the expenses of a divorce in Miami?

You can ask for exemption from court expenses in the court where you plan to initiate the divorce.

What are the requirements for a free divorce in Miami, FL?

• The main requirement for a free divorce in Miami is to show that you have great financial difficulties.

• You have to fill out an application asking the court to waive the expenses.

• Another requirement is that you can prove your residence in the State of Florida.

How can I prove that I have financial difficulties in a free divorce application in Miami?

In Miami, you can show that you qualify for a free divorce by submitting some of the following documents:

• proof of your monthly income. This shows how much money you have.

• Child support.

• Social Security.

• Disability bonuses and payroll.

• Bank accounts.

• Debts.

• Credits and credit cards.

• Loans and public services.

• Tax returns.

Must the documents for a free divorce in Miami be notarized?

In Miami, it is a requirement for a free divorce that the documents you present be notarized.

What are the responses to filing for a free divorce in Miami?

Your request for Waiver of Your Divorce Fee may have the following responses:

• can be approved. In such a case, the divorce would be free, you would not have to pay court costs.


• Denied, in which case you will have to pay all court expenses.


• deferred. In the latter case, the court will request payment of your fees later.

Do you want to know more about free divorce in Miami, FL?

So, you can ask Miami divorce lawyers for free.


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