What are the requirements for marriage in New Jersey?

Do you want to know how much marriage costs in New Jersey? What are the requirements for marriage in New Jersey?

So Here, I'll tell you all about marriage in New Jersey.

How much does a marriage license cost in New Jersey?

The cost of the marriage license is $ 28

It is a requirement that both grooms sign an application for the marriage license.

This application is signed in the presence of the Civil Records Officer.


What are the requirements for marriage in New Jersey?

1. Not belong to another civil union, domestic partnership or marriage in this state or that is recognized in this state;


2. Be of opposite sex; Y


3.- Being over 18 years of age, or the consent of the parents to marry.

4.- Applicants under the age of 16 must obtain parental consent and the written consent of a judge of the Superior Court, Division of Family Ministers.

Where is the marriage license applied for in New Jersey?


1 The application is presented in the municipality where one of the couple resides. The marriage license is valid throughout the state.


2 In the event that the bride and groom do not reside in New Jersey, the application can be submitted in the municipality where the marriage will take place. The license will only be valid in this municipality.

What are the necessary documents for a marriage in New Jersey?




1 Proof of identity: driver's license, passport or federal / state ID.


2 Documents that prove the address.


3 In the case of American citizens, a social security card or social security number is required.


4 A Witness over the age of 18


5 Application fee $ 28.

What are the requirements for an alien marriage in New Jersey?

The requirement for foreigners wishing to marry in New Jersey is that they have all their documents translated into English.


What other documents can be useful for a marriage in New Jersey?

The following documents are not required, but can be helpful:

1 Copy of your birth certificate.


2 divorce decrees or civil annulment documents.


3 death certificate.



How long does the marriage process take in New Jersey?

72-hours is how long it takes to issue the marriage license.

Six months is the validity of the marriage license.



You can call (609) 292-4087 or 1-866-649-8726.




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