Will in the United States Requirements

Do you want to make a will in the United States?
Do you want to know what are the requirements for a will in the United States?
Keep reading, I'll tell you here:
• You must be over 18 years old.
• You must be mentally healthy.
• The Drafting must be clear and precise about what is distributed in inheritance.
• You must appoint a person in the will to be in charge of enforcing the will, this person is called the executor.
• You must sign the will in front of two witnesses.
• In the United States, it is not a requirement to legalize the will, but if you do it, it is much better.
• The will must state the following:
• What are the assets that you have.
• Who are the people to whom you leave your goods. Exact names, as it appears on your identity documents. You must accurately specify your assets, addresses, registration number, and other identification that can identify them without confusion.


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