How long does my tax refund take in the USA?

You are waiting for a tax refund in the United States, and you want to know how long it will take.

Here I leave you the approximate time it may take for you to have the money in your hands.

• 2 months from when you filed the tax return, in the case that the 1410 form was on paper.

• 1 month if you filed the tax return electronically.


To find out if your refund is ready to collect, you can follow up on the process by entering the following link:

, Where is my refund?

The process is reflected 24 hours after submitting your electronic return, and 7 days if it is a manual return.


And to you, have you already got your taxes returned?

Please tell us in the comments how long it took for the return to arrive, and if you are satisfied with it, or think that they should have reimbursed you a larger amount.


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