The requirements for marriage in Montgomery County Pensilvania


In order to get married in Montgomery County , Norristown, Pennsylvania , it is first necessary to have a marriage license. This license is obtained from the marriage license office.


To apply for a marriage license in Montgomery County the bride and groom must meet the following requirements:

  • How long is the marriage license valid?

Marriage licenses County of Montgomery, they are valid for 60 days.

  • How much does the marriage license cost?

In Montgomery County The cost of the marriage license fee is 53.00               

Where is the marriage license valid?

The marriage license obtained in Montgomery County is valid throughout the state of Pennsylvania. That is why the bride and groom can marry in any county in Pennsylvania with this license .

¿ Can non - residents of Pennsylvania requesting a marriage license?

Nonresidents of the state of Pennsylvania can apply for a marriage license. You are not required to be a Pennsylvania resident in order to get married here.

Can those who do not have a social security number apply for a marriage license?

Those who do not have a social security number can marry in Pennsylvania. You are not required to have a social security number to apply for a marriage license.

What are the requirements for the marriage of foreigners?

Foreigners must present their documents translated into English.

  • Aliens do not need to be residents or citizens to marry in Montgomery County .
  • Where are the offices to apply for the marriage license?

One Montgomery Plaza
425 Swede Street, 4th Floor
Norristown, PA 19401

  • Marriage license
  • Phone: 610-278-3400
  • Questions:
  • Hours
  • Monday Friday
  • 8:30 am - 4:15 pm
  • Is it possible to apply for the marriage license online?

In Montgomery County it is possible to apply for a marriage license online.

What are the steps to obtain a marriage license?

First step: apply for the marriage license online.

Second step: attend the video conference. The videoconference is by WEBEX. The bride and groom can log in from different locations.  

Third step: the marriage license is sent to the bride and groom's mail.

¿ In how far in advance the bride and groom must apply for a marriage license?

It is advisable to apply for the marriage license 4 weeks in advance .

¿ What is the legal age for marriage in Montgomery County ?

The legal age for marriage in Montgomery County  and Pennsylvania is 18 years old, the couple over 16 years old must attend with one of the parents and have the consent of this The grooms under 16 years of age may marry with court authorization.


  • ¿ Who are forbidden to marry?
  • the bride and groom who are related by blood.
  • Boyfriends who are not single.
  • What are the requirements for married couples who are divorced?

The married couple who are divorced must also present a certified copy of the Divorce Decree.

  • What are the requirements for married couples who are widowers?
  • The bride and groom must provide the date of death of the former spouse Do you
  • ¿ What information should provide the bride and groom?
  • The necessary data are date of birth, names, parents' data, nationality.
  • What type of identification is accepted?
  • The bride and groom will need to attach a valid federal or state government photo identification card and this document must provide the correct legal name, date of birth, and applicant's signature.
  • The types of photo ID cards that are accepted are:
  • Driver's license (US state or government)
  • Passport
  • US Military ID
  • State identification card (state or US government)
  • Foreign registration card.
  • Only bride and groom who have a Social Security number will need to provide their number during the marriage license application process.



  • Is it a requirement for test blood for marriage?

A blood test is not required.

  • Is it a requirement to have witnesses for the marriage?

It is not a requirement for a marriage to have two witnesses.

What additional requirement must foreigners who do not speak English meet?

Foreigners who cannot speak English must go with an interpreter .

The interpreter must be over 18 years of age and must be fluent in both languages.





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