What do you ask in the interview for the Green Card?

What do you ask in the interview for the Green Card?

What papers should I bring to the Green Card interview?

To answer these questions we have interviewed a friend who obtained his residency for special abilities.

He applied for the Green Card in Miami, and he tells us that on the day of the interview the officer asked him the following questions:

He tells us:

My interview took place on November 6, 2018. When I told my lawyer, look, I am going to the interview that I must take, what I must do, he told me do not worry, everything is in the papers that you already presented.

• My appointment was at 8 in the morning and they finally finished seeing me at 11:30 in the morning. Moments of tension. They make me pass. The officer was a person from Colombia. Well, I was even prepared with a translator just in case. My English is not perfect.

• The officer, the first thing she said is: you swear you are to say nothing but the truth the whole truth the whole truth, raise your hands and put your fingerprints.

The officer asked the following questions:

How was your immigration process in the United States?

Who sponsored you so that you can get a visa to work in the United States?

What work did you do in the company?

What project did you do with the visa?

How were your jobs?

Can you tell how your work activities were in the United States?

What are you working on right now? Do you

Can you show me your job letters?

How much money do you earn?

The officer wanted to make sure that I was not a public charge to the United States.

So she wanted me to show her documents that prove my income and the jobs I do.

They finally approved my Green Card. 


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