How to get divorced in Miami and Florida online?

How to get divorced in Miami and Florida online?

If you are thinking of getting a divorce in Miami, Florida, and you want to know if you can do it online, how to do it, how long it takes, what are the steps, how much does it cost, where it is presented, keep reading that here I tell you all about the steps to get divorced in Miami and Florida.

First, divorce online in Miami and Florida is possible, you do not have to go in person.

How long is an online divorce in Miami, Florida?

Online divorce in Miami and Florida lasts from 20 to 30 days, counted from the date you file the divorce claim.

How much does a divorce cost in Miami and Florida?

The cost of the divorce depends on whether you do the divorce yourself or use some kind of legal help.

In Miami there is an online self-help service fee of $ 85, a fee that is optional, the service consists of helping you fill out the forms and submit them for you. This service is called the 11th Judicial Circuit Self-Help Program Assisted Document Creator.

In Miami and Florida for divorce there is a court clerk filing fee of $ 409.

Where is the divorce complaint filed in Miami and Florida?

In Miami, Florida, the divorce claim must be filed with the court clerk, however if you want the divorce to be online, you must file the claim on the Florida electronic filing platform.

Option 1: File your package electronically using the state's electronic filing portal

Option 2: Submit your package with the help of a self-help paralegal who will submit a hard copy of your package directly to the Clerk of Court.

A final hearing will NOT be set in this case. The judge assigned to this case can issue a final ruling that closes the case without her presence at future hearings.

Who qualifies for divorce online in Miami and Florida?

Those who qualify for divorce online in Miami and Florida are those who are eligible for simple, or simplified divorce.

Here's a checklist to see if you qualify for divorce online:

You and your spouse are in complete agreement.

You and your spouse have no minor children in common.

You and your spouse are residents of the state of Florida for at least 6 months.

Neither you nor your spouse are pregnant with a child common to both parties.

There are no properties, debts or assets that need to be divided.

You and your spouse waive alimony.

If all of your answers are yes, then you do qualify for divorce online.

Here is more information about residency in Florida

What documents are necessary for a divorce in Miami?

A valid copy of your marriage certificate. If the Marriage Certificate is in a foreign language, you must translate the document.

One of the following identifications must be provided to show proof of the required 6 months of residency prior to filing your Dissolution of Marriage:

Valid Florida Driver's License

Valid Florida ID

Valid voter registration card

Note: If you do not have valid ID to show proof of required 6-month residency, you can have a witness complete and upload the Corroborating Witness Affidavit.

Congratulations, you are finished. 


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