The requirements of marriage in FRANCE.

If you are thinking of getting married in France, and you want to know the requirements for marriage, who is eligible for marriage in France, how you can qualify to get married in France; keep reading that here I will leave all the information about marriage in France.
To be able to get married in France, it is a requirement that the couple be over 18 years of age.
Boyfriends under 18 years of age can marry if they have the consent of one of their parents, and an authorization from the prosecutor.
For marriage in France it is a requirement that the bride and groom are not related.
Relatives prohibited from marrying in France are:
Between ancestors and descendants.
Between a brother and a sister, between 2 brothers, between 2 sisters
Between half brother and half sister, between 2 half brothers: between 2 half sisters:
Marriage is also strictly prohibited between an uncle: an aunt: a niece or nephew.

  Note: these rules also apply in case of adoption
The residency requirement is that one of the couple has lived in the municipality for at least one month.
Or that one of the parents is a resident of said municipality.
In the event that the bride and groom are foreigners and do not reside in France, they can marry if they meet the following requirement:
The marriage must take place at the Consulate of your country of origin
Or in the Municipality of an overseas community (Con): French Polynesia - Saint Barthelemy - Saint Martin - Saint Pierre and Miquelon - Wallis-et-Futuna or New Caledonia
Another requirement for marriage in France is the free consent of the couple, they have up to five years to annul the marriage if there was no free consent.

For marriage in France it is required to have two or up to four witnesses. Witnesses must be over 18 years of age.
Where are the procedures for marriage carried out in France?
The formalities for marriage in France are carried out in the municipality where one of the bride and groom resides.
Steps to get married in France.
What are the steps to get married in France?
The bride and groom must carry out the following steps to be able to get married in France:
First step, the bride and groom must create the marriage registry
This is done with the following documents that are requirements for marriage in France
Birth certificate.
Identity document (original and photocopy)
Proof of address or residence (water, electricity or gas bill, tax notice, proof of residence tax, etc.)
Second step, Submit the marriage file
The bride and groom must present the marriage file at the town hall.
Third step, Investigation of the file

This is a hearing in which the bride and groom must be present before the registrar to answer some questions. This hearing is not always held. The registrar is the one who will decide if it is necessary.
Step Four, Publication of Prohibitions

The official announcement of the next marriage is made by publishing the prohibitions. These are notices hanging on the door of the town hall for ten days.
Step Five, Wedding Date
The date of the marriage is set 11 days after the start of the posts.
Step Six, Wedding Celebration
The wedding takes place in the town hall.
The wedding is a public ceremony.
The wedding is performed by the mayor.
Marriage can take place at home in emergency circumstances.
At the wedding, each groom must confirm that he will respect the obligations of marriage.


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