What is needed for an express or simplified divorce in Miami Florida?

If you are thinking of getting a divorce in Miami, and you want to know what it takes for a simplified, express, fast divorce, read on and here I will tell you all about what you need for an express or simplified divorce in Miami, who qualify for divorce, and how to qualify.

Since not everyone considering a divorce in Miami qualifies for a simplified divorce, you will need to qualify for this kind of divorce.

The requirements that you will need to meet for a simplified or express divorce in Miami are the following:

• First, the spouses need to agree to the use of this type of dissolution procedure.

• Second, the spouses need to be without any minor children (under 18 years of age) or dependent children;

• Third, spouses need not have adopted children under the age of 18;

• Fourth, the spouses need the woman not to be pregnant;

• Fifth, spouses need at least one of the parties to have lived in Florida during the last six months;

• Sixth, the spouses need to have reached an agreement regarding the division of all property (assets) and debts (liabilities);

• Seventh, the spouses will need to agree that neither party will request alimony;

• Eighth, the spouses will need to agree that the marriage is irretrievably broken.

In the event that you are unable to comply with this Miami simplified or express divorce checklist, you must follow the regular marriage dissolution procedure.

You need to know that there are substantial differences between a simplified dissolution and a regular dissolution of the marriage. In a regular dissolution, each spouse has the right to examine and question the other as a witness. Each spouse also has the ability to obtain documents regarding the other's income, expenses, assets, and debts prior to a trial or settlement. With the simplified dissolution, the financial information can be requested by either party, but it is not required to request it.

In the event that you do meet the requirements for a simplified divorce in Miami, then you need to pay the simplified divorce fee.

How much does a simplified or express divorce cost in Miami Florida?

The cost of a simplified divorce in Miami is $ 409

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Miami, Florida 33130


Do you want to know how to fill out the forms and where to file them for a simplified divorce in Miami?

Follow on our website that below I tell you everything step by step, about the process to request a simplified divorce in Miami. 


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