Thinking of getting married in Germany?

So, you should know everything that we will say here about marriage in Germany, requirements, costs, documents, and what you need to do to get married in Germany.

To get married in Germany, you have to meet the following requirements.

Register your marriage in the registry office of the municipality in whose district the couple or one of the bride and groom has their domicile or habitual residence

In Germany it is a requirement that the bride and groom be of legal age

must be single or not already in a registered civil society and

They must not be related in a straight line or be siblings or half siblings.

The respective national legislation of the foreign couple must not give rise to any legal impediment to marry.

Required documents

Valid identity document, passport or proof of identification of the foreign partner

Birth certificate or, if the birth is notarized in Germany, a certified hard copy of the birth record with a reference section or a certified copy of the birth record with a reference section.

Certificate of registration extended from the registration authority,

It should not be more than four weeks old. Do not confuse the extended registration certificate with residence permits for foreign citizens.

In some municipalities, the registry office can print the extended registration certificate for you.

A simple registration certificate is not enough.

Certificate of civil status from the country of origin of the foreign couple.

The competent authority may request more documents, for example a certificate of naturalization.

Note: For documents in foreign languages, you must submit full German translations. They produce appointed and sworn sworn translators in Germany.

Foreign documents often also require authentication by the competent foreign authority (apostille) or the German diplomatic mission in the country of origin (legalization).

In several countries, a fee-consuming and time-consuming on-site examination of documents must be carried out to verify the authenticity and correctness of the content.

The German diplomatic mission or the trusted lawyers commissioned by them are responsible for this.


How much does it cost to get married in Germany?

Examination of eligibility to marry (according to foreign law) costs: 80.00 EUR

Obtaining a civil status certificate for foreigners, costs: EUR 20.00

Civil marriage within normal office hours: free

Civil marriage outside normal office hours, costs: EUR 60.00

Civil marriage at a different registry office in Baden-Württemberg than the registry office where you registered the marriage: EUR 30.00

Note: There may be more costs at the registry office or judicial authorities, for example, for the recognition of a foreign divorce decree in the state administration of justice.

Processing time

How long does the marriage process take in Germany?

It depends on the individual case


If the country of origin of your foreign partner does not issue a certificate of marital status, you can inquire at the registry office about the possibility of an exemption.

The registrar accepts the request and forwards it.

Legal base

Section 11 Personal Status Act (PStG) (jurisdiction)

§ 12 Personal Status Act (PStG) (marriage registration)

Section 13 of the Personal Status Act (PStG) (Examination of Marriage Requirements)

§ 28 Personal Status Ordinance (PStV) (registration)

Section 29 Personal Status Ordinance (PStV) (Marriage)

Section 1309 of the German Civil Code (BGB) (certificate of civil status for foreigners)

Section 5 of the Ordinance of the Ministry of the Interior for the Implementation of the Personal Status Law (PStG-DVO) (collection of fees and expenses) together with Appendix 1 (list of fees) 


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