How to avoid the cancellation of a tourist visa at the US airport, 7 things to avoid it.

How to avoid the cancellation of a tourist visa at the US airport, 7 things to avoid it.
You may already have the visa, and you are worried that your tourist visa may be canceled when you arrive at the US airport. That is why here we will tell you seven things you should know to avoid the cancellation of the tourist visa.
1.- the air ticket:
This should be input and output.
As On the ticket one must put the address of where you will be in the United States; This address must be clearly known to you. Well, this information reaches the officer 72 hours before the flight, so he can ask you, and if you don't know it, it can arouse suspicion.
You must know who bought the ticket. You must buy the ticket in advance. Tickets purchased at the last minute arouse suspicion.
2.- purpose of the trip: you must plan, you must clearly know where you are going, what the complete itinerary is.
3.- where are you going: if you visit, the person must have a good reputation, away from crimes, political conflicts, they must have a good history on the networks. Preferably not receive government aid.
4.- length of stay: you should not spend a lot of time as a tourist. The maximum time is how long it can be reasonable for you to be as a tourist. Nobody would dream of being a tourist for half a year, that can turn out to be suspicious.

5.- validity of the visa. The validity of the tourist visa must not be about to expire. Traveling with your visa about to expire can be suspicious.
6.- Funds:
Cash, but no more than ten thousand dollars. If it is more than this amount, it must be declared and prove its origin. Use credit cards and traveler's checks. They must be enough to pay for the trip.
7.- do not lie:
It is very likely that you will be discovered, the officers have been analyzing travelers for many years so they know when you are lying. They can take away your visa, and you will not be able to get it back.


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