What are the requirements for a Pennsylvania water bill subsidy?

What are the requirements for a Pennsylvania water bill subsidy?
If you are having difficulty paying your water bill in Pennsylvania, you can apply for a water bill payment grant of up to $5,000.
What are the requirements for a subsidy on your water bill in Pennsylvania, keep reading that here we tell you everything about the requirements to apply for a subsidy on your water bill, and everything you have to do to receive this benefit.

To receive a subsidy on your water bill in Pennsylvania, the main requirement is to be going through a difficult economic situation. Which may involve the following:

• You must be a low-income person.
• Or you must be an elderly person
• Or you must Have a special hardship that makes it difficult to pay your water bills, such as the following circumstances in the last 12 months:
• The household grew: a new baby was added to the family or a family member moved.
• Loss of job: the main source of income was out of work for four months and was unemployed
• Serious Illness – Client or family member has a life-threatening condition or is receiving home care
• Family loss: the main income earner of the household passed away
• Domestic Violence: Client spent time in a shelter due to domestic violence
• Even if you are not experiencing one of the hardships listed above, you may still qualify for a Pennsylvania water bill subsidy. Therefore, do not stop sending your application, the cases are analyzed on a case-by-case basis. Just let us know what your circumstance is that makes it impossible for you to pay your water bill in Pennsylvania.

Where and how to apply for the benefit of the subsidy on the water bill in Pennsylvania.
You have three ways to apply for the water bill subsidy:
• By mail, you will have to send a photocopy of the documentation required for the grant.
Online form to print an application, request an application be mailed to you, or call (215) 685-6300 to have a representative mail an application to you.
Water Revenue Bureau
Customer Assistance Application Processing Center
PO Box 51270
Philadelphia, PA 19115
• Using an online application, it can take an hour to fill out the application.
Start your application now.

• Through the help of a support center, in case you cannot fill out the documents, or the online application, you can go to a help center. Where they will help you with the application, this can take about fifteen minutes.


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